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Luisa Farah is a Mexican jeweller based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her curiosity and fascination for silversmithing manifested at an early age, when she would request rings as souvenirs from her parents’ travels.
Luisa obtained her bachelor’s degree in Architecture which provided her with the foundations of design evident in her pieces. Her encounters with architectural and sculptural forms were crucial to her development as a jeweller, and are a fundamental source of inspiration for her jewellery pieces. 
Her attraction for silversmithing grew while living in Buenos Aires, where she gained exposure to craftsmanship and hands-on training. Upon returning to Mexico she began to live her passion, studying with accomplished jewellers in Central Mexico and designing her jewellery line. Since relocating to New Zealand, her pieces have featured in local magazines and museum store-fronts as prominent examples of quality silversmithing. Her aesthetic references New Zealand botanicals and the bold lines and colours of modernism.

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